Loan repayment via IVR

Increase your loan collection rate by accepting payments over the telephone using a secure IVR tool.


  • Streamlines the loan repayment process.
  • Increases the loan collection rate.

The service meets applicable
card data security standards.

Accept payments
via any of your borrowers’ bank cards directly via a phone call

How does it work?

  1. You call a borrower and negotiate the loan payment amount.
  2. The borrower switches the phone into tone mode and enters its bank card number.
  3. The loan payment amount is withdrawn from the card.
  4. A transaction receipt is automatically submitted to the borrower via e-mail and SMS.

This service is provided with the online lending solution.

Your clients’ bank card data is protected against fraudsters

  • The borrower does not provide any confidential card-related information to the call-center operator, which eliminates the risk of data theft.
  • Each transaction is verified by the fraud management system integrated into the solution.
  • Finstrument does not retain any bank card data.
All transactions completed in the IVR interface meet the applicable standards of International Payment Systems
and the laws of the Russian Federation.
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