Computerize the loan issuing process. Smart scoring filters borrowers based on 80 parameters providing you accurate and comprehensive reports on borrower credit worthiness.

Scoring helps you avoid lending fraudsters

  • The system verifies a registered bank card with its actual owner.
  • It detects deliberate debt overburden by collecting data on the number of loans the card owner is currently paying.
  • It also minimizes the risks of borrower default by analyzing the history of successful card debiting transactions for the repayment of other loans.

The scoring system features 80 parameters
for bank card data handling and analysis

Additional assessment parameters
can be added within three days.

High accuracy
of assessment
Based on the accumulated body of unique information about the borrowers.
Of bank card data in real time.
Flexible setup
of rules
Additional rules for the decision-making process can be added at the client’s request.
hit rate
Over 95% retrieval of requested information.

How does the service work?

The loan scoring system provides a borrower assessment with a score ranging from 300 to 850. The higher the score, the higher the borrower’s chance of loan approval on favorable terms. The response is delivered in a comprehensive online form, allowing for easy integration into any of the client’s proprietary systems.

This service is provided
in partnership with Finkarta,
together with the online lending solution.

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